Fine Artistic Crafts ~ Mother-of-pearl Artisans

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Our passion & our work : the Mother-of-pearl

We are Mother-of-pearl Artists

The Mother-of-pearl Artisan is a Fine Artistic Craft listed in tabletier field (INMA source)

Our Craftsmanship is recognized by Artistic Craft title & quality

We have been trained to work on Mother-of-Pearl by Pascal Michelot Mother-of-Pearl Artist

Our creative universe is intimately linked to marine environment


This is us

Audrey Le Poupon

« A graduate in modern foreign languages, Audrey has worked in the luxury hotel business and then in primary education. She has now joined her sister in this mother-of-pearl craft activity as an eco- responsible designer. »

Delphine Le Poupon

« Delphine started her carrier as Scrub Nurse in operating room & then as Product Specialist in Orthopaedics. She moved in International position as Clinical Specialist in Oncology. In August 2017 she took a new step as Craftswoman & Founder of Ys Paris with her sister. »

« Sisters, born in Brittany,

We are proud to have the name of our Grandfather as he was the last maritime guard of Port Blanc semaphore in Côtes d’Armor »

Our workshop ~ Showroom

(© David.Kerhervé. La Presse d’Armor)

The showroom is located in Tréguier Little town of character in Côtes d’Armor department.

City of Art & History Tréguier is a must top of Côte de Granit Rose destination.

The workshop is right next to the showroom.

We offer exclusive and unique regional creations.

Our activity is exclusively dedicated to work on Mother-of-pearl from french abalones shells so a regional product unlike other Mother-of-pearl artists they use different Mother-of-pearl often from very distant worldwide regions.


Each creation is unique, that’s why we have the happiness to propose exceptional projects.

All our artworks are created from Mother-of-pearl of French abalone.

The shape of each shell is different and making the rarity of Mother-of-pearl.

Le Mag’Lannion-Trégor : balades au cœur du Trégor

Brittany Land of Legends

Ys (or Is) the legendary breton city swallowed by the waves

Ys the Armoricaine Atlantis

(© David.Kerhervé. La Presse d’Armor)


A prophecy says that when Paris is in its turn swallowed by the seas, Ys will emerge again from the depths…

The legend also tells us that the city of Ys was the most beautiful capital in the world, that Lutèce was named Paris because ” Par Ys ” in breton means ” like Ys “

And you… tell us a legend about the city of Ys or the city of Paris…

Our Ormeau or sea ear is listening…

The Mother-of-Pearl

For our work on Mother-of-Pearl, our main source of Abalone shells in Brittany is local fishing & the farm on Groix Island : Groix Haliotis


We are eco-responsible : we value a regional product as French abalone by using the Mother-of-pearl from the shell which is most often not used

« Pa vo beuzet Paris,
Ec’h adsavo Ker Is »


« Quand Paris sera engloutie,
Ressurgira la ville d’Ys »


2 Rue Colvestre 22220 TRÉGUIER FRANCE +33 2 96 43 39